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There are 2 Types of companies: those who have been breached 
& those who don’t know they’ve been breached
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What if your Users' sensitive data was stolen
... and you didn't even know it happened?
Case Study: Protecting Sensitive Data On Web & Mobile Apps
The Problem
With over 50,000 enterprise users, our customer's solution deals with a lot of sensitive, employment related data. Naturally, they had lots to lose if their users' sensitive data fell into the wrong hands. 

The Solution 
1. We conducted comprehensive & exhaustive security & penetration tests on their application and its infrastructure. 
2. We assessed 84 different points of vulnerability & found 17 vulnerabilities.
3. The security patches we recommended helped ensure that sensitive user data couldn't just be downloaded by anyone, because this was just one of the vulnerabilities we identified!  

"Unbelievable - we didn't even know that our data was so open to be hacked! I've instructed my dev team to ask you to run your security tests before we go live with any major release. I want to make sure our app stays as secure as you've helped us make it." 

- Tim de Vries, CEO
Case Study: Rescued Plummeting eCommerce Sales
The Problem
Our customer is a major force in online retail in mothers and babies segment. Their turnover went from averaging $1.3 million per month to under $700k per month. The checkout process had not changed but cart abandonment rates were sky high.

The Solution
1. We conducted a comprehensive review of their application & infrastructure by assessing 56 cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
2. We found that devs had altered directory permissions during a recent release & that they could now be accessed by anyone!
3. This open access had allowed an attacker to install cryptocurrency mining software that was hogging computing power & resulting in timeout errors for customers trying to checkout. 

"We were pulling our hair out trying to fix what we thought was a simple cart abandonment issue. Thanks to your efforts we've literally saved our business, our brand and much embarrassment. Thank you so much."

- Alyssa Campion, CTO
Case Study: Gaining The Trust of SaaS Customers
The Problem
Our customer is a startup selling their SaaS solution to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Their prospective customers kept citing cybersecurity concerns as a reason to not buy the SaaS solution. 

The Solution
1. We conducted comprehensive penetration tests & assessed 84 different points of vulnerability.
2. We found 9 critical vulnerabilities & recommended technical & process-related resolutions to patch those vulnerabilities.  
3. We provided a Certificate Of Security Compliance which they used to ease the security concerns of prospective customers.

"Thank you Audacix team! We didn't even know that we could use your services to tackle our conversion problem. We've achieved a 65% jump in conversions after we started showing your Certificate of Compliance to prospects :-)" 

- Raghu Iyer, General Manager
Our security testing Mastermind Session Will... you the embarrassment & losses that come from having to tell users that their sensitive personal or financial data was stolen. 
Learn how you can:
Assess your data protection & encryption methods to plug holes that will be exploited to steal senstive data
Find & fix security vulnerabilities in your web & mobile apps that can be exploited by hackers to steal sensitive data
Audit security holes in each of your servers & other network infrastructure to keep hackers out
Understand what your team needs to do to with every new version release to keep protect your & your users' data
How much would you be prepared to pay... know that your code, database, users' data & other sensitive information was safe from cyber attack?
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 Do you have the optimal mix of functional, performance & security testing
 A roadmap of the processes, people and technologies you need to keep your IP & your users' personal infromation safe
 Global best-practice structures and methodologies to help build quality into every security into your application development process 
 Actionable steps you can take to get on top of the security burden in this day of digital, DevOps & CI/CD
 Do you do everything in-house or get external help
  Warning: We're not asking you to download ‘fluff-filled, hyped-up’ webinar! We'll show you how to protect yourself against cyber attacks.
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It is never our aim to tear up everything you do & to start from scratch. Instead the key is to take what you already do well & to complement it with proven ideas to help secure your applications & drive your business forward.
In cybersecurity, success isn't a trophy or a medal. Our success is seeing your business prosper because you've identified your security weak spots & fixed them. Success is your customers' trust, which translates to larger profits.
Don't contact us if you believe in silver bullets or miracle cures. Any good cybersecurity plan is the confluence of people, processes & tools. We keep things simple so you can invest in sustainable success.
Sleep Well Knowing your users' sensitive information is safe
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