Secrets to slashing software testing time
Do You Need A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Releasing Bug-Free Apps, WITHOUT Hiring Another Tester?
This is exactly what our Mastermind Sessions will give you.
Just some of our customer success stories:
What could you do if you slashed testing time
... and squashed 72% more bugs before releasing?
A Case Study: 4 weeks, down to 2 days
One of our customers in the UK used to spend 4 weeks on testing every release of their application. After we implemented our blueprint for success, their web & mobile app tests are now completed in 2 days. Plus, they have reduced bugs in every release by over 70%. 

These results are helping them add customers at a rate they haven't achieved in the last 15 years!

This testimonial was sent to us on 26 April 2018:

"I’m pleased to report that the release went live without any issues. I would like to thank you and your team for the strategy & effort you put in to help us deliver a great application. " 
- Martin O'Donnell, Product Manager
Our Mastermind Sessions Are Designed To Help You Achieve Your Goals
We will walk you through the techniques from our software testing blueprint that WILL HELP YOU achieve outcomes like this...
Cut costs by over 55% by learning how to leverage test automation 
Release 6x faster with cloud testing tools that are right for you 
Remove the dependence on people with data-driven decisions
Understand how to free your non-IT people from having to test
How much would you be prepared to pay...
... for a personalised plan that helps you slash testing time & gives you peace-of-mind before each release?
Large corporates pay us over $10,000 for these fully personalised software quality strategy sessions and they've told us that this is what they value most during and after our interactions:
At least two hours of Q&A between your team and our industry experts where you can ask us anything
 A comprehensive software quality health check, including processes, people, testing tools, test infrastructure & performance
 An audit of the strengths and weaknesses in your current software testing program and its ability to help you achieve your goals
 Evaluate your readiness for and adoption of test automation as key pillar of your testing strategy
 A roadmap of the processes, people and technologies you need to achieve your software delivery goals
 Global best-practice structures and methodologies to help build quality into every step of your application development process 
 Actionable steps you can take to get on top of the testing burden in this day of digital, DevOps & CI/CD
 Do you do everything in-house or get external help
 Do you have the optimal mix of functional, performance & security testing
  Warning: This is NOT your usual ‘fluff-filled, hyped-up’ webinar that over promises and under delivers!
We Know That We Deliver Incredible Value...
...because our strategies & plans have achieved OUTSTANDING RESULTS for customers across the world using 3 ironclad principles:
It is never our aim to tear up everything you do & to start from scratch. Instead the key is to take what you already do well & to complement it with new, proven ideas to help your team create value that will drive your business ahead.
In our world, success isn't a trophy or a medal. To us success is seeing your business grow because you've put our plans into action and reinvested the time & money saved into improving your product & your value to your users.
We don't believe in silver bullets or miracle cures. We acutely understand that any good plan is the confluence of people, processes & products. We keep things simple so our plans have higher success rates.
Need to slash testing time & make your web & mobile app testing more effective?
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